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Welcome to my first fully-interactive mystery thriller! Click on the entry line below, to enter the strange and inexplicable world of Otto the gumshoe, as he battles for survival, self-respect, and the woman he loves!

This is an experimental game based on random chance and audience participation. The story as presented is utterly absurd-- it has frequent gaps in continuity, and even loops back on itself sometimes! It does have an exit point, but it may take a while to find it! It's up to YOU, the reader, to rationalize these incidents and build them into an understandable pattern-- IF YOU DARE!

I'm working on a new game that'll take a more 'rational' approach. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy WEB OF DECEIT! Let me know what you think (email and clue me in if you find any bugs. And please tell your friends about it!

And now... WEB OF DECEIT!