Amazing Montage Magazine

for May, 2000

SPACE Show-- Columbus does Indies

by Joe Zabel

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List of Exhibitors

Suzanne Baumann (Fridge Magnet Concoctions)

Suzanne is currently working on an alphabet book which 
tells a story about a sleepy small town.

P.O. Box 1097
Farmington, MI 48332 

Sean Bieri 

One of the most gifted artists working in minicomics, 
Sean is currently laboring on a project titled 

1028 Vinewood
Detroit, MI 48216 

Larry Blake (Psychozort, Kiss Hell, Afterworld) 

Pam Bliss (B-36)

Pam is penning B-36 #3, a Those Kids! graphic novel.

Paradise Valley comics
PO Box 304 Valparaisa, IN 46384  

George Broderick, Jr. 
(Comic Library International, Courageous Man) 

George is working on a number of titles-- 
Stardust & Thor, Johnny Retro, Chase Villens, 
Run with Scissors Boy, and Courageous Man.

Comic Library International
2049 Alfred St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15212 Cover, Comics Library International copyright 2000 by George Broderick.

Barry Buchanan (The Ballad of Utopia) 

Barry's going all out to promote his 
critically-acclaimed western series Ballad of Utopia.  

Black Daze
P. O. Box 817
Golconda, IL 62738 Ballad of Utopia cover copyright 2000 by Mike Hoffman.

J.Kevin Carrier 
(Fantasy Theater, Glorianna, Lady Spectra) 

J. is continuing Fantasy Theatre, an anthology 
featuring his various costumed supercharacters.  
Just released is a trade paperback collecting 
his early Lady Spectra and Sparky strips.

8913 Eldora Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45236 cover, Lady Spectra and Sparky copyright 2000 by J. Kevin Carrier

Mike Carroll (Virtual Asthma)

Mike is currently working on Accidentals, 
Astham Attack, Robostick, and Kernel.

4753-H Olentangy River Rd.
Columbus, OH 43214 

Sal Cipiziano (Altered Realities) 

Bob Corby (Bunny Blues & Oh,Comics!) 

Bob is no doubt enjoying a long rest after putting 
on this fabulous convention!

Back Porch Comics c/o Bob Corby 
2940 Royalwood Dr. 
Dublin OH 43017-1904. 

Tim Corrigan (Small Press Comics Explosion) 

Tyim Courts (Experiencing Technical Difficulties) 

Tyim's currently working on Thunk Lives, a redo 
of his Experiencing Technical Difficulties series.  
He's also doing Raging Ink, a flash online comics site.

Magnetic Ink
P. O. Box 6611
Cincinnati, OH 45212 Copyright 2000 by Tyim Courts.

Kel M. Crum (Sanity-Impaired Cat) 

Semi-retired, Kel contributes annually to 
Bob Corby's Oh Comics anthology.

32 W. Goodman Dr. Apt 23
Fairborn, OH 45324

Quirk and Garb (Cats Wear Mittens) 

Matt Feazell (Cynical Man) 

Matt is still wearing that hat he always wears...

Tim Fischer (Space Pilot Girl) 

Shawn Granton (Ten Foot Rule)

Shawn's currently working on issue 6 of 
Ten Foot Rule (see review in April Amazing Montage 
Magazine) and the anthology Modern Industry.

TFR Industries
170 Beaver St.
Ansonia, CT 06401 

Rachel Hartman (Amy Unbounded) 

Rachel continues to chronicle the adventures of 
her young heroine who, in later times, would most 
certainly have been enrolled in a gifted children 

Ryan "Holgie" Holgersen (Crazy Puppy)

Ryan's mini-comics work will include a new 
Wemic 'n Ted story.

Crab Grass Comix
POB 752
Indian Trail, NC 28079 

Paul Hornschemeier (Sequential) 

Paul's quarterly series Sequential is rating 
raves at The Comics Journal and offending his 
printer to boot (hence he's currently looking 
for another printer.)

I Don't Get It Graphics
PO Box 3442
Columbus, OH 43210

Jay Hosler (Clan Apis) 

Jay is continuing his great series about the life 
of the honey bee with Clan Apis: the Screaming Forest.

Active Synapse
1556 Tremont Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212 Scene from Clan Apis copyright 2000 by Jay Hosler.

Kevin Huizerga (Supermonster) 

Kevin is doing a really cool job on his 
Supermonster minicomic!

Illusion Studios Co-Op 
(Jonathan Savior, Vistage, Dragonstake,Prime, 
Major Mogul & Soulwatcher) 

Wayne Smith reports that he is working on a number 
of the Illusion Studios series.  Frank Parr is 
working on Illusion's Newbreed Comix titles.

Illusion Studios
PO Box 403
Defiance, OH 43512-0403

Max Ink (Ameoba Adventures) 

Max is working on The Bolt.

Onward Studio
1685 Spruce Drive
Columbus, OH 43217

Bill Knapp (Faith: A Fable, The Furies) 

Bill is promoting his graphic novel Faith: A Fable 
and scripting his next graphic novel, 
A Thorn in the Side, a fact-based historical narrative.

Carbon-based Books
2304 Oakland Dr.
Kalamazoo, MI 49008 Cover, Faith a Fable copyright 2000 by Bill Knapp.

William Messner-Loebs  
(The Electrifying Exploits of Boreanna, 
Enigma of the Frozen North, Brave Old World) 

Bill is currently working on Boreanna, a kind of feminist 
version of his ground-breaking Journey series.

P.O. Box 558 
Pinckney, MI 48169 Sketch by Bill Loebs copyright 2000 by Bill Loebs

Sean Kelley McKeever (The Waiting Place) 

Sean is continuing his true-to-life dramatic series 
The Waiting Place for Slave Labor Graphics, and 
working on Revolt in Metropolis for Caliber. Montage, The Waiting Place, copyright 2000 by Sean McKeever.

Carla Speed McNeil (Finder)

Carla continues to redefine the SF comics genre 
with her fabulous series Finder.

Michael R. Neno  
(Reactionary Tales, Murder By Crowquill) 

Michael's promoting his new book Quacky Pig and Friends, 
and continuing with his legendary Reactionary Tales 

P. O. Box 151303,
Columbus, OH 43215 

Keith Newsome, Shawn Prince, 
Marcus Rollie, Jamie Snell 
(Broken Glass Studio)

Keith is currently working on Godsent and Dragon Tale.  
Jamie is penciling and inking a book called Cherub.  

Broken Glass Studios
1710 Little Ave.
Columbus, OH 43223 /

Larry Nibert(The Ruz) 

Larry's currently working on The Ruz.

Line and Letter
P.O Box 13214
Hamilton, OH 45013

Steven M. Noppenberger (Whistle Blower) 

Steve continues to work on the exquisitely-detailed 
panels of his political thriller series Whistle Blower.

Laura Osborne(Demon-Lillith: creation) 

Douglas Paszkiewicz (Arsenic Lullaby) 

L. Neil Pierce (Flyin' Ralph, Psychic Monkey, Reverie) 

John Porcellino (King-Cat)

John continues his well-thought-of personal zine with 
its autobiographical and zen-inspired strips; he has 
recently had a collection published by Highwater Books. 

Brent Riches 
(The Electrifying Exploits of Boreanna, 
Enigma of the Frozen North, 
Rev. Riches Tabernacle of Terror) 

The rascally Rev. Brent is currently working on 
Reverend Riches Tabernacle of Terror, as well as 
The Electrifying Exploits of Boreanna, 
Enigma of the Frozen North (see Bill Loebs, above.)

Scrawling Eye Cutt
P. O. Box 141439, 
Columbus, OH 43214 

Alex Robinson(Box Office Poison) 

Alex is working on the final issue of the sensational 
series Box Office Poison (#21) for Antarctica Press.  
He is still considering his next move.

208 W. 23rd St. #1616
New York, NY 10011 Box Office Poison copyright 2000 by Alex Robinson.

Thomas Scioli (The Myth of 8-Opus) 

Ian Shires (Dimestore Productions)

Ian is currently working on his website/magazine 
hybrid titled 'Obscurity Unlimited.'

Dimestore Productions
6733 Erie Ave.
Madison, OH 44057

Justin Shady (Chickenhead)

'The hardest working CEO in showbiz,' Justin is going 
national on the web with 'the best damned paper in 
the universe,' namely Chickenhead.

Box 1802
Columbus, OH 43216 

Ben T. Steckler (Get Bent, Ska-Toons, Unshaven Chi) 

'One Last Ride on the Ghost Truck' is the title of 
a graphic novel project Ben's submitting for a xeric 
grant.  He's also continuing with his humor anthology 
Get Bent.

POB 7273
York, PA 17404

Ray Tomczak (Dr. Bob and Irving) 

Ray's going online bigtime with Dr. Bob & the Inside 
Man; he's gotten fanmail from readers in Sweden and 

SRD Studios
4050 N. High St. Apt #33
Columbus, OH 43214 Self portrait copyright 2000 by Ray Tomczak.

Aaron Trudgeon  (Ancient Wisdom Comics)

Aaron is working on Lisa Comics.

P.O. Box 24894
Detroit, MI 48224 

Robert K. Ullman (From the Curve) 

Rich Watson (Ronnie and David, Celebrity) 

Rich is currently working on a one-shot untitled 

Horizontal Comics
172-32 133 Ave. #11A 
Jamaica, NY 11434

Tom Williams (Crash Comics) 

Tom's working on Crash Comics #7, a graphic novel, 
and bringing up his comics website.

730 Riverview Dr. Apt #C7
Columbus, OH 43202

Chris Yambar 
(Mr. Beat, Fire-Breathing Pope, Aqua Cat)

Wild and crazy Chris is currently working on Bart 
Simpson Comics and 40 Winks, as well as his own ongoing 

P.O. Box 1260
Youngstown, OH 44501-1260 Self-portrait copyright 2000 by Chris Yambar.

Joe Zabel (The Trespassers) 

Joe Zabel is currently struggling to complete a 
200-page graphic novel sometime this century.

Amazing Montage Press
P. O. Box 18959
Cleveland Hts., OH 44118-0959 

Laughing Ogre (Official Retailer) 

Daryn Guarino and Gib Bickel run one of the most 
outstanding independent-friendly shops in the midwest.

4258 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43214-3048 Inside The Laughing Ogre.