Murder By Crowquill


Ben Adams writes and publishes PRISONOPOLIS for Mediawarp Comics, P. O. Box 14924, Minneapolis, MN 55414;,

Stephen Blue is the creator and publisher of the graphic novel RED RIVER. He's a freelance artist best known for the series THE AWAKENING for Image Comics, and the upcoming SF adventure series COSMIC RAY; Blue Comics Ink, 61 East 8th St. #256, New York, NY 10003;,

Mort Castle is a writer known for his work on NIGHT CITY published by Thorby Comics;

Joe Chiappetta creates and publishes SILLY DADDY; 2209 Northgate Ave., North Riverside, IL 60546;, ,

Steve Conley is the creator and publisher of ASTOUNDING SPACE THRILLS; Day One Comics, P. O. Box 12192, Arlington, VA 22219, , ,

Tony Consiglio creates and publishes DOUBLE CROSS; 60-13 68th Road, Ridgewood, NY 11385

Charles Dougherty is a freelance artist and publisher of THREADS; 1510 Lombard St., Philadelphia, PA 19146

Gary Dumm is a freelance artist best known for his work on AMERICAN SPLENDOR; 9920 Cudell Ave., Cleveland, OH 44101

Scott Gilbert's weekly comic TRUE ARTIST TALES is carried by a growing list of independent newspapers; Apeshot Studios, 1408 Richmond Ave. #341, Houston, TX 77006;

Jenni Gregory is the creator of DREAMWALKER; 506 E. Elm #1, Urbana, IL 61801;;

Robert Humble is a freelance artist who often collaborates with Charles Dougherty.

Joe R. Lansdale's short stories and novels in the mystery and horror genres have earned him a rabid cult following; his frequent work in the comics genre include collaborations with Tim Truman on Jonah Hex for DC comics.

Batton Lash writes and draws WOLFF AND BYRD, COUNSELORS OF THE MACABRE for Exhibit A Press, 4657 Cajon Way, San Diego, CA 92115;,

Don McGregor is a freelance writer of many classic comics; M & R Productions, 2920 Ave. R Suite 317, Brooklyn, NY 11229;,

Michael R. Neno is the creator of THIS ETERNAL FLAW and other comics for M. R. Neno productions, P. O. Box 151303 Columbus, OH 43215;,

Josh Neufeld is an illustrator, cartoonist, and web designer best known for the anthology KEYHOLE; 16 Lexington, San Francisco CA 94110;,

John F. Polacek is best known as the illustrator of PRISONOPOLIS (see Ben Adams, above.)

Jesse Reklaw is the creator of CONCAVE UP and the online strip SLOW WAVE; nonDairy Publishing, P. O. Box 200206, New Haven CT 06520-0206;, ,

Alex Robinson, he da man! Alex Robinson is the creator of BOX OFFICE POISON; 208 W. 23rd St. Suite #1616, New York, NY 10011,

Timothy Truman is a freelance artist and writer known for the series GRIMJACK, SCOUT, and the recent revival of JONAH HEX; PO BOX 5321, LANCASTER, PA 17601;,

Colin Upton is best known for COLIN UPTON'S BIG THING and the comics series BUDDHA ON THE ROAD; 6424 Chester Str., Vancouver, BC Canada V5W-3C3

Mack White is best known for MUTANT BOOK OF THE DEAD and VILLA OF THE MYSTERIES; P. O. Box 49575, Austin, TX 78765;,

David Yurkovich creates and publishes DEATH BY CHOCOLATE and THRESHOLD for Sleeping Giant Comics, 116-A Clement Road, Oreland, PA 19075-1824;

Joe Zabel creates and publishes THE TRESPASSERS for Amazing Montage Press, P. O. Box 18959, Cleveland Hts. OH 44118-0959;,