Rapid Eye Movement

by Joe Zabel


The woman lay asleep in the darkened room. She was young, slender, with long brown hair that spread over the pillow.

To her left, a light gradually began to penetrate the darkness and banish it.

It could be seen that the woman was wearing piezoelectric films on her eyelids, with wires leading from them to a monitoring device. Her head turned slightly as she began to awaken. Her eyes opened.

The light was brighter now, and reflected in tiny rosettes on the lenses of the young woman's eyes. The woman lifted her head and turned towards the light. The wires held her back, and she tilted her head at an odd angle so she could get a look at the source of the illumination, which was becoming a bright glare.

Then her eyes widened with terror as the light grew to a blinding intensity...

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