About the Artist

Hi! The name's Joe Zabel, I live in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. I've been an artist all my life, devoted to comic art for the past twenty years.

My best known work was in collaboration with Harvey Pekar on American Splendor. I also published a series of mystery comics titled The Trespassers under my own inprint, Amazing Montage Press. My best work over the years was in collaboration with Gary Dumm as inker. Gary is a good friend, a great artist, and a very big influence on my work.

I turned to digital art and online comics because I'd become dissatisfied with print, having to work always in black and white, constantly at the mercy of my materials and the varying steadiness of my drawing hand. Digital art promised new ways of creating pictures, and the world wide web allows me to put my work at the fingertips of the entire planet. Furthermore we now know that every new work of digital comics pisses off Gary Groth, which by itself is all the reason I need to keep producing!

A couple of years ago, I first explored the world wide web, writing and publishing many and sundry articles about independent comics and the comics medium. I found, alas, that I couldn't be a comics journalist and a cartoonist at the same time, so I've ceased that activity; but the majority of my output is still on view at the old 'home page' of this website, amazingmontage.tripod.com.

The old website also enabled me to sell my published comics online with the CCNOW credit card payment system. Readers are welcome as always to visit my online store, which is at amazingmontage.tripod.com/order.html.


Contact Information

Snail Mail:

Amazing Montage Press
P. O. Box 18959
Cleveland Heights, OH 441180959


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Back cover, American Splendor-- Windfall, published by Dark Horse Comics. This simple anecdote alludes to Harvey's recovery from cancer (chronicled in his graphic novel My Cancer Year.) His subtle, low-key approach to writing was always a joy for me to illustrate.

Delphinia 'Finn' Morgan surfs a sports car in this mystery thriller, the last issue before the series acquired the title The Trespassers, and the publishing company name was changed to Amazing Montage. (Yeah, the old name 'Known Associates' was cooler, but because of the alphabet it got buried in the back of the distributor catalog.)