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3D and Digital Art sites

It's no secret to those who know their way around the web that this site was created with the aid of POSER, PHOTOSHOP, and a fearsome brand of alchemy known as HTML. In fact, an enormously supportive and sharing community of digital and 3D artists are ready and eager to lend a helping hand to new artists struggling to learn these exotic tools. Here are some notable sites:

My VERY OWN Tutorial of Posing Tips at! Thanks, Smerc!

(Note: each of these sites lists hundreds of other site-- the world of digital art is gargantuan!)

There are many un-sung heroes of the world of digital art, individuals who run small businesses or distribute free software that actually make digital art possible (take a look at the thousands of items listed in Renderosity's 'free stuff' section, for instance!) One such individual is Duane Moody. Nearly every illustration in Rapid Eye Movement makes use of an eye-morph of his, without which DAZ3D's Victoria would be a useless heap of junk! Visit Duane's site today!

Duane's Toolbox
(And Duane-- thank you for your talent and generosity!)

Online Comics Sites

Thousands of great online comics sites exist right now, I'm reluctant to even attempt to list the best ones. Instead, these links take you to the best collections and link lists of online comics sites.
(Quite aside from being the author of Reinventing Comics, McCloud has assembled one of the best selective lists of great online comics.'s Reinventing Comics forum!
Bebe Williams' pioneering site that has run the entire Trespassers series as serialized daily comics!

Oh Boy Comics
An artists 'jam' site, with many talented artists, and also a page by me!

The 3D Comic Collective

Digital Webbing

Comic Book Resources


Webcomics World


Frank Cormier's Monthly Top Ten

One Over Zero Links Page

Wahoo Online Comics Directory

Online Alliance

Neo-realist Comics

I'm an advocate of realism in comics-- check out an old essay of mine. Here are some online comics that carry forward the realistic tradition of Harvey Pekar, Los Bros Hernandez, Joe Sacco, Dan Clowes, and Adrian Tomine:

Alan Hunt

Flung Comics

Resources is where to go to find a free web hosting service. With hundreds listed, including some that require no advertising (!), along with remarks by users and former users, this is the ideal place to find the service that's just right for you! (Of course, I ended up sticking with Tripod...), great HTML tutorial site!

varian's dreamfonts site

Add Me! A free (so far) service that adds your page to lots of search engines. If you can't find my site on any search engines by 2002, this probably doesn't work very well!

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