Latest News


My next series, Return of the Green Skull, will be featured in weekly installments at the new subscription comics site, Modern Tales. The site premieres March 1, 2002!


Added the uncompleted 'infinite canvas' experimental story Dilemma to the Trespassers website!


Began working on my next project, Return of the Green Skull, a comics-format Poser graphic novel starring my characters from The Trespassers, Raymond Fish and Delphinia Morgan.


Completed Rapid Eye Movement, as scheduled!:)


A one-week feature on me appeared at my favorite 3D website,! For the entire week, 3D artists queried me about various aspects of my work-- what an experience! Check it out at!


John E. Williams starts a thread on's Online Comics forum discussing Rapid Eye Movement and Poser artwork in general. An interesting read and a good critique-- check it out here!


Kicked off new Trespassers website and premiered prolog and first 2 chapters of Rapid Eye Movement.