Recent Projects

Rapid Eye Movement

Something strange and frightening is happening at the Vaughn Institute for Sleep Research. It's being picketed by a paranoid religious group who's members refuse to explain themselves. And seeing the picketers has secretly terrified Jen Marriott, an executive assistant at VISR.

After a tragic turn of events, the mystery only deepens for VISR head of public relations Kathy Swanson, as she must deal with alarming changes in VISR's administration, a visitor with a puzzling identity crisis, and raw terror that invades her very dreams!

Released in weekly installments in November and December, 2001, this is the first Trespassers graphic novel created exclusively for the web.

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Comics Jam Page

I recently completed a page for 'Jam II' at Oh Boy Comics. The effect is best if you see it in context to the rest of the story, but here's the page:

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