Works in Progress


In early 2001, feeling confident at last with my new digital painting skills, I decided to attempt an 'infinite canvas' comic. As coined by Scott McCloud in Reinventing Comics, the term refers to a digital comic spread over the indefinite ('infinite') length or width of a webpage, which is viewed in sequence by scrolling from one side to the other.

I composed the simplest story I could think of that would nevertheless have the dramatic range to properly demonstrate the technique. The result was Dilemma, scripted to employ twenty 'infinite canvases' of ten to fifteen panels each.

Over the course of several months, I completed three of these infinite canvases. The results are encouraging, but I hadn't anticipated how long it would take to render this 'simple' story. Also, I think the technique is a little ahead of its time-- the currently-prevalent 56K modem doesn't load the pages quickly enough for comfortable reading.

I was determined to publish something by the end of 2001. So I turned to the other project I had waiting in the wings, Rapid Eye Movement, which is premiering in November and December of 2001. I may return one day to Dilemma; in the meantime, view the work in progress by clicking HERE.

Sample Image from Dilemma

Ray and Finn-- the original Trespassers Although I've published eight comics and a graphic novel of their adventures (see our online store), I don't think I'm done with amateur sleuths Raymond Fish and Delphinia 'Finn' Morgan. Here are some attempts I've made to capture their characters in digital art; I hope to create a new story when idea and opportunity come together.

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