Insidious INSECTS!

'I'm lookin' for Lefty June,' said Otto. 'I'm afraid I don't know any of the patrons by name sir,' said the bartender with a friendly smile. 'Forget about it,' said Otto with a sigh. 'Bourbon on the rocks-- put it on my tab.' 'I'm afraid we don't have tabs here at the Plaid Playground' said the bartender politely. 'We do accept Visa and Mastercard...'

'Forget about it!' wailed Otto, throwing a twenty her way. She wore a name tag that said 'Hi, I'm Bonnie!' How do you pour your soul out to a 21-year-old Computer Science major named Bonnie? You CAN'T! Instead, you have to--

Update your calendar planner!

Try to forget the most obnoxious SOB you ever met!

Roll with all the Future-Shocking punches!