Indypreviews Publisher Guide

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A to Action/ Active to American/ Anarchy to Aria/ Art to Azteca
B to Boxcar/ Brainstorm to BV
Cabal to Catfish/ Cats to Chrysalis/ Claypool to Cup O' Tea
Dancing to Dig/ Dimension to Dynapop
Eagle to Eyeful/ Fantaco to Funny/ Gallant to Gundog
Hall to Hyper/ I Box to ISM/ Jabberwocky to Kronos
Labyrinth to Lucid/ Mad to Mortco/ Mt to Nightwolf
Obsidian to Origin/ Pagan to Quest/ Rachel to Rumble
Sampson to Sleepyhouse/ Smiling to Symptom
T.R. to 2D/ United to Voyager/ Warp to Zombie