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Raymond Fish from ORACLE, A TRESPASSERS MYSTERY. Here is a portrait of my two main characters, Raymond Fish and Delphinia Morgan, the amateur sleuths from The Trespassers! Welcome to Amazing Montage! This website is dedicated to mystery comics and all independent comics!

This site features Amazing Montage Press titles with credit card ordering from CCNOW! Our titles include Murder by Crowquill, Oracle, The Trespassers, and Bulletproof! Save up to 50% on our Discount Packs!

But enough sales talk-- here are our features:
Delphinia Morgan in RUNAWAY. New for February, 2000:
*Amazing Montage Magazine with reviews of Dear Julia, Slow Jams, and a special section hilighting wordless storytelling in ZZZ, The Yearning, and Electric Girl!
*Indypreviews with the best upcoming independent comics!

From January, 2000:
*Amazing Montage Magazine with reviews of Paul Pope's new THB anthology and the latest massive Top Shelf collection!
* Indypreviews with the best upcoming independent comics, and a special report on alternative comics publishers!

Raymond Fish in Trespassers 2. From year-end 1999:
*Amazing Montage Magazine year-end edition, with the 10 best comics of the year! Also new reviews of Bill Knapp's FAITH, A FABLE, Tom Hart's BANKS/EUBANKS, Pete Sickman Garner's HEY MISTER-- BEYOND THE GREEN DOOR, and Barry Buchanan's BALLAD OF UTOPIA!

From December 1999:
*Amazing Montage Magazine, spotlighting the work of Indy newcomer Marcel Guldemond, with reviews of his most recent works, and a short interview with the artist!
* Indypreviews look at upcoming comics and celebrating our 1st anniversary!!!

A tense moment from BULLETPROOF. From November:
* Indypreviews look at upcoming comics for the next century!!

From October:
*Amazing Montage Magazine, with a revealing interview with indy superstar Adrian Tomine!
*A new Comics Theory Essay, on the subject of past tense and point of view in comics!
* Indypreviews look at upcoming comics!
Murder By Crowquill cover by Stephen Blue-- aint it beautiful?!? From September:
* Amazing Montage Magazine, with new reviews of Alan Moore's and Eddie Campbell's THE BIRTH CAUL; LUX AND ALBY; and Kyle Baker's new graphic novel, YOU ARE THERE!
* Indypreviews look at upcoming comics!
*A new page for our Comics Theory section on the topic of Comics Page Composition!
Ray and Finn pursued in WOLF RUN!

From August:
* Amazing Montage Magazine, this month featuring a look at the comics mainstream. Includes reviews of Alan Mooore's ABC Comics, Paul Chandwick's THE WORLD BELOW, Stephen Blue's COSMIC RAY, and Paul Pope's HEAVY LIQUID! Also featured is a full-length interview with Image Comics' Rick Larson, conducted by Austin English!!
* Indypreviews look at upcoming comics!
Finn masquerades in THE GREEN SKULL!

From July:
* Indypreviews look at upcoming comics!
* Amazing Montage Magazine, featuring reviews of MYSTERY DATE, Tales of the Great Unspoken, Dreamwalker-- Carousel, and PEACE PARTY!
* Updates on our latest release, MURDER BY CROWQUILL with new readers' comments!!

Finn on the attack in THE TRESPASSERS #1! From June, 1999:
* Amazing Montage Magazine, featuring reviews of BOX OFFICE POISON KOLOR KARNIVAL, WHITEOUT, VOYEUR, and SCENE OF THE CRIME!
* Indypreviews!

Ray in a skislope battle in THE TRESPASSERS #3!
Paradoxical terror in THE TRESPASSERS #4!
A scene from the tense and moving WHITE CANE DIARY from THE TRESPASSERS #5!